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Enlighten is the only teeth whitening system to promise VITA B1 - no compromises needed! Carry on enjoying red wine and other favourites while living life to the full.

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VITA B1 Shade

The VITA index is the scale used to help dentists across the world stay on the same page when describing the colour of teeth. It’s a swatch made up of 16 varying shades and colours with B1 as the whitest natural shade.

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“I always hated my teeth after having a bike accident and after years of tea drinking and spicy foods, the stains were out of control. Also, the fact that my gums started to recede with age made me self-conscious. But now, I can’t help smiling and showing off my teeth. They look amazing and completely natural.”

“We all have at least one thing about ourselves that we really love and for me it was my smile, so I wanted to enhance that. After my whitening process, I felt radiant and full of light, I was just smiling non-stop lol ...but the best thing for me was being conscious about the fact that ‘I look good’.”

“I’ve used multiple teeth whitening products, yet I’ve never been fully satisfied with the results. After having Enlighten recommended to me, I gave it a try. I’m extremely happy with the results and for the first time I feel like my teeth look how I always wanted them to. I would 100% recommend it!”

“Getting Enlighten whitening has given me back my confidence. I was sceptical at first, but I feel absolutely incredible. I never used to smile with teeth in photos or even in my day-to-day life. I wanted to hide my yellow teeth, but now all I do is smile and I feel amazing. Thank you for giving me my confidence back!”

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