Discover Enlighten’s B1 Guarantee Whitening Process, Step By Step

The Process

Three Steps to Enlightenment

Step 01

Find a Dentist

Hit the Find a Dentist button and search for an Enlighten whitening expert near you.

Step 02


Schedule visit with your chosen dentist and have moulds taken for your whitening.

Step 03

Pick Up

Pick up your custom-made trays and Enlighten kit.

Step 04


Start your at-home treatment with the night gels for 14 nights.

Step 05


Finish off with Enlighten week 3 gel. Just an hour of daily wear seals in the whiteness to complete your treatment in the final week.

Step 06

Maintain & Top Up

Enjoy your Enlighten smile! Use Enlighten White toothpaste to keep results pristine, and top up whenever you need to.

Find a Provider

Find an Enlighten Whitening Centre near you